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  • Ergonomic Home Office Set Up

  • Desk Do-overTM  @ Home

  • Yoga For the 21st Century!





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People Working @ Home.

Ergonomic Home Office Set up

An easy transition from office to home office

With COVID-19 the reality these days is you are most likely working remotely from your home office. Maybe you've never set up a working space at home, or you're finding your home office just not meeting you needs.

Creating a workspace at home:

  • We help you set up your home office space with recommendations for supplies you can purchase online or using the furniture and supplies you have on hand

  • We help declutter and create an inspiring working environment

  • You will learn simple principles on how to set up a workspace to apply to any room or location

  • Individual consultations via live online video sessions 

  • Follow up and support

Desk Do-OverTM

The Solution to Creating an Ultimate Work Space 

Set up your work space to suit your needs. Relieve back and neck aches with ergonomic guided changes to enhance positive postures and workplace set up to suit your body. Learn a workplace set up to feel great wherever you are working; office, home, cafe, travel.


Desk Do-over includes:

  • Personal needs interview

  • Professional assessment of work space via live online video session

  • Assistance Implementing change

  • Follow up review for continued improvement

Yoga for the 21st Century

Our bodies were designed to move!

Studies have shown that sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time without a break to move your body is what's causing disease. Essentially the message is, our bodies were designed to move. 


We guide you in a yoga class that focuses on moving through restrictions in the body parts that get tight and achey from long periods of computer work. You'll feel a new connection to your body as your over worked muscles relax, joints open and you begin to move more freely. 

Private or group lessons. Taught via live video sessions.

What you will need:

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga strap or equivalent

  • Bolster or folded blanket