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A great gift for family & friends, employee appreciation,

health & wellness programs

The most innovative & effective

self-care tools around!


Take charge of your body's aches & pains on your own time whenever you need to

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back & neck pain, hips, sciatica...

Use the HEATABLE acuBall for soothing relief of back & neck pain and muscle aches all over your body. Heat by microwave or boiling in water.




The acuBack’s patented HEATABLE design keeps you sitting upright while working at the computer and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally. Heat by microwave or boiling in water.


The acuBall-mini’s small nibs and harder feel make it perfect for releasing tightness in the small muscle such as the feet, hands, shoulders, upper back, arms and forearms. Heat by boiling in water. Great to use in combination with any of the other acuProducts. (See combos below)




The heatable acuPads come 2 in a pack. Use to improve posture, relieve sore feet or a gentle spinal release. Heat by microwave or boiling in water.


acuProduct Combos


 mini + acuBall

Exercise: Lay down, place heated acuBall under your neck and the mini under your shoulder for a targeted stress relief of neck and shoulder pain. Use for back pain, sciatica, neck, and shoulders


*Ideal for runners, athletes, cyclists, golfers, tennis players, yoga, pilates, dancers, office workers

 mini + acuBack

Exercise: Your feet and legs are the focus to help with plantar fasciitis, knee & hip pain. Easily used on other body parts including hands, shoulders, legs, back, and neck




*Ideal for runners, athletes, cyclists, yoga, pilates, dancers, office workers, sedentary lifestyle

mini + acuBall + acuBack

Take this Trio 

Wherever You Go:


Use for foot pain, back, neck & shoulder pain, computer posture and more...


The Fabulous 4 for Your Whole Body!

With all fabulous 4 acuProducts, relieve aches and pains in your entire body. Office, home, travel, yoga, gym, pre and post workout.

mini + acuBall +

acuBack + acuPad


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Shoulders, Hands & Feet!

Use mini on all small muscles hands, feet, shoulders. Use acuPads (2 in each box) anywhere to relieve tightness in a gentle way.





mini + acuPads

*Ideal for runners, athletes, cyclists, golfers, tennis players, yoga, pilates, dancers, office workers

Computer Survival Combo:

acuBack (7 Essentials of Healthy Computing Handout) + acuPads (2per pack) Sit Straight! Feel Great! Let the heatable acuPads and acuBack support you in a positive sitting posture while you work at the computer. Then at the end of the day lay down with the heatable acuBack under your neck and the acuPads under your spine to help relax away the tension of the day. 


acuBack + acuPad

*Ideal for office workers and those who have a sedentary work/lifestyle.

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