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life goal:
Living life in balance
how: Be creative in designing a lifestyle that keeps you moving, playful and always curious. And surround yourself with good happy humans! 

Marla Gold,  Gold Wellness

Ergonomic Specialist + Event Planner + Acupressure Therapist + Yoga Instructor, Speaker + Movement Educator + Psychology Grad + West Coast Swing Dancer + Hiker + Nature Lover + World Traveller + Foodie + AcuBall Queen...will dance anywhere!


director of flow : ergonomics geek : yoga : happy human curiously moving through life

Hi and welcome! So glad you landed here. A little bit a about me: I've always been drawn to innovative approaches to health and wellness. After finishing my degree in psychology several years ago I developed an interest in holistic health and soon realized I had a very strong interest in understanding how the body/mind works. Over the years I've studied lots of areas related to optimal body/mind functioning including energy medicine, ergonomics, acupressure, body somatics, nervous system self-regulation, meditation and yoga.  I've worked with corporate groups, and people in healthcare as well as individuals (small business entrepreneur types like me) and I love that human connection. Its so rewarding when I see someone's face light up because I've helped them move through pain or they've had an "aha!" moment and a shift in their thinking. I'm really most happy when guiding people in finding their flow for a healthy work/life balance. 


As technology becomes increasingly predominant in our lives, defining how we live and interact, its important to realize our bodies aren't evolving at the same rate. Think about how often a new cell phone or computer is produced and how often computer operating systems become obsolete. We have one body that's supposed to last us for our entire lifetime. So, I invite you to consider how you live in your body?  Are you busy do do doing all day long? Or do you take time to nurture your human being-ness. 

Specializing in Office Ergonomic Assessments (online sessions):

Gold Wellness is offering Office Ergonomic Assessments to individuals and groups. Sessions are held online from the comfort and safety of your home or office. Please inquire about individual and group rates. Contact us

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