life goal:

Living life in balance

how: Be creative in designing a lifestyle that keeps you moving, playful and always curious. And...surround yourself with people  like-minded people!

Marla Gold,  Gold Wellness

Ergonomic Specialist + Event Planner + Acupressure Therapist + Yoga Instructor, Speaker + Movement Educator + Psychology Grad + West Coast Swing Dancer + Hiker + Nature Lover + World Traveller + Foodie + AcuBall Queen...loves to dance in her living room.


holistic health : ergonomics : self-care : a healthy moving body 

Marla has always been drawn to leading edge and innovative approaches to health and wellness. She began to explore her interests in holistic health 20 years ago after teaching holistic fitness for several years which led her to study body centred knowledge based programs such as ergonomics, acupressure and yoga.  She is most happy when she is guiding people in finding a a healthy work/life balance and enjoys knowing her clients are thriving from the self-care exercises they learn. "Living in a time where technology defines most of how we live, its so important that people realize our bodies are not as resilient as the machines we use. To a certain extent we adapt, although a more positive approach would be the changing of design perspective in which technology is created to adapt to our bodies."

Specializing in Office Ergonomic Assessments (online sessions):

Gold Wellness is offering Office Ergonomic Assessments to individuals and groups. Sessions are held online from the comfort and safety of your home or office. Please inquire about individual and group rates. Contact us