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Home Office Ergonomic Assessment

An easy transition from office to home office

With COVID-19 the common new reality for most people is working remotely from home. A few months ago working from home may have been a temporary situation and now its becoming a longterm probability. Do you have the proper set up? Desk, chair, computer, printer, phone...check! Does your work space support you? Or are you experiencing aches and pains in your back, neck, shoulders, eye strain...Maybe you've never had to set up a working space at home or you're finding your home office is just not meeting you needs. Let us help you. Here is what we do:

Creating an Optimal Workspace at Home:

  • Preliminary info: We send you a comprehensive intake form to fill out to understand your needs & goals for a Home Office Ergonomic Assessment.

  • Your Ergonomic Specialist meets you online in a live video chat where they assess your workstation set up and offer on the spot recommendations.

  • The Report: We pull together all of our findings based on the preliminary intake form, remote assessment and ergonomic standards and create a detailed report. The report includes: listing ergonomic risks and reasons why, recommendations for changes to your workspace, supplies you can purchase online or how to best use the furniture and supplies you have on hand. 

  • You will learn useful ergonomic principles you can apply to any setting you find yourself working in. 

  • Follow up and support

Ergonomic Tips Webinar

Learn How To Set Up an Optimum Work Space @ Home

Are you finding yourself working from home these days? Then lets get your workspace set up to suit your needs and take you out of the red zone of developing back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and even eye strain. Learn 5 important things to do to set up your workspace no matter where you are.



  • Online live interactive webinar with an Ergonomic Specialist for groups of 10 or more people (friends, family, colleagues) 

  • Live Q & A

Desk Do-OverTM

The Solution to Creating an Ultimate Work Space 

Have an Ergonomic Specialist take a look at your workspace and make recommendations for improvement.


Desk Do-over includes:

  • Comprehensive intake form, including photos of your workspace

  • Professional assessment of work space, posture and ergonomic risks by an Ergonomic Specialist via live online video session

  • Assistance Implementing change

*A shorter version of the Home Office Ergonomic Assessment.

Yoga for the 21st Century

Our bodies were designed to move!

Studies have shown that sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time without a break to move your body is what's causing disease. Essentially the message is, our bodies were designed to move. 


We guide you in a yoga class that focuses on moving through restrictions in the body parts that get tight and achey from long periods of computer work. You'll feel a new connection to your body as your over worked muscles relax, joints open and you begin to move more freely. 

Private or group lessons. Taught via live video sessions.

What you will need:

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga strap or equivalent

  • Bolster or folded blanket