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Workplace Wellness



  • Workplace Ergonomics

  • Desk Do-overTM

  • Move For Health





Happy. Healthy. Productive.

People @ Work.

*Due to COVID-19 all programs are webinar based until further notice

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Workplace Ergonomics

A Personalized Approach to Ergonomics in the Workplace.

Whether you are working in an office environment or taking your business with you in travel or more casual places, learn how to set up your working environment to suit your needs wherever you are.

Programs are engaging and fun. You learn practical tools you can use right away.

We design programs that suit your individual or groups needs. 

  • Individual consultations

  • Group Lunch and Learn

  • Health and Wellness Day Activities

Desk Do-OverTM

The Solution to Creating the Ultimate & Productive Work Space

Get to the bottom of your cluttered desk, reorganize how you set up your workspace wherever you are. Have an Ergonomic Specialist take a look at your workspace, show you how to move things around, get rid of the clutter and make recommendations for improvement. You'll be surprised how a few changes make a huge difference in how you feel in your workspace.

 Your Desk Do-over includes:

  • Comprehensive intake form to address your concerns and identify the key things you would like to change 

  • Online session to assess work space, posture and ergonomic risks 

  • Experience a reorganization of your workspace with immediate results 

  • Follow up for continued success

Movement Breaks

Our bodies were designed to move!

Sitting or standing, if we don't take enough breaks from either of these postures we will feel the dis-ease. Essentially, our bodies were designed to move. 


We guide your group in a fun and energizing experience:

  • Group Lunch and Learn

  • Health and Wellness Day Activities

  • Employee Incentive Programs

  • Weekly, Monthly Movement Classes

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acuBall Wellness Sessions

Don't wait to release your tight muscles, do it now.

Your body will thank you.


Join us in an exploration of the body's fascia system using the heatable acuball. Learn why your body experiences aches and pains in common areas of back, neck and shoulders due to your daily habits and how to release this tension once and for all.


You will love the effect of heat on your muscles and experience results right away.

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