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Dance Lesson
“After a day-long dance workshop I took Marla’s class and it really helped to get into the muscles to relieve the pain and tension quicker than anything I’ve experienced before.” 

Renia P.

Body Integration Classes

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Online Classes: 

1hr classes (EST/New York time)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:




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Instructor: Marla Gold

Movement educator. Yoga Instructor, Dancer. Director of flow.


>>A practice for nervous system regulation, strong, healthy muscles & joints, and a happier you!<<


Our bodies have evolved and so has our approach to movement. Welcome to a balanced integrative movement practice that draws from ancient traditions and an evolution of postures to suit our modern lifestyle.  

Some things you'll experience:


Ease into Postures.  Instead of stretching, we focus on moving in the direction of ease. Move to the edge of tightness, allow a softening, and then ease into the posture. We are all different shapes and sizes, levels of flexibility and mobility and we offer adaptations to encourage your body's way of moving.

Feel Energized!  Reduce pain and stiffness in muscles and joints so you are freer to walk, run, hike, dance, cycle, play golf, swim, or just get a good night's sleep. 


Nervous System Self-Regulation.  You experience how to move with a fine-tuned sense of body awareness that directly affects how you respond to and perceive stress. People tend to feel a heightened state of awareness and calm as the body returns to its optimal functioning. Your experience in class on the mat becomes your new normal off the mat.

An evolutionary practice

The Foundations

This yoga-based practice has foundations in the Brazilian Kaiut Yoga and Yoga Mais classes. Its an evolutionary practice that addresses how the body moves in response to our modern working and living environments by guiding the body into positive movement patterns and allowing the mind/body to be in a state of ease. There is a primary focus on joint health. The postures encourage the joints to move with ease and instead of “stretching”, your body is guided to soften, open, and lengthen muscles around the joints. This helps to counteract the harmful effects of our modern sitting lifestyle as well as addresses compensatory behaviors, injuries, and repetitive strain from sports such as golf, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, and tennis to name a few. Circulation and energy flow are stimulated having a positive effect on how our nervous system self-regulates. Then our mind follows with a heightened state of awareness and calm. The effect is a balanced state of the mind-body connection and allowing your body to return to optimal function.

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