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An Evolution of
Yoga for the modern body


Yoga For EveryBody!

New! Online Classes: 

1hr classes (EST/New York time)







*First class is always FREE! 

Meet me online 30mins before start time if this is your first class.

Looking forward to seeing you online...

>>A practice for nervous system regulation, strong, healthy muscles & joints<<

Our bodies have evolved and so has our yoga practice. Welcome to a balanced yoga practice that draws from ancient traditions and an evolution of postures to suit our modern lifestyle.  

Some things you'll experience:

  • Open up your tight joints & muscles in the feet, hips, back, know, all the body parts that get tight with all that sitting and repetitive movement you do all day long.

  • Release aches and stiffness so you are freer to run, walk, hike, dance, cycle, play golf, swim, or simply get a good night's sleep. 

  • Replace stretching with softening, opening and lengthening muscles.

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and feel at ease even when you are in the middle of chaos = a  less reactive you + activating a presence of mind and being that is solutions-oriented rather than reactive in stressful situations.

  • Postures are adaptive to meet you where you are at + you'll learn to understand your unique body intelligence. (Everyday is a new day for flexibility and range of motion) 

I look forward to sharing this yoga practice with you.

1 hour sessions. Taught via zoom.

What you will need:

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga strap

  • Bolster or folded towels (approx. 3inches high)

  • A wall

  • Internet (zoom) access/webcam

  • An open mind. This yoga practice is a movement practice for life and the approach may be different from your experience in other yoga classes.


Marla Gold

yoga instructor. dancer. director of flow.

I have trained in different yoga methods including Hatha, Shivananda and Kaiut. This is a practice that works through chronic pain and injuries, general aches, and stiffness.


Instead of “stretching”, the postures guide your body to lengthen, build strength, and focus on joint health. This helps to counteract the harmful effects of our modern sitting lifestyle, and addresses repetitive strain/injury from sports. Its a guided practice that helps you to calm your thoughts, focus on this moment and train your body gain the benefits of the postures without over-efforting. I'm not saying it won't be challenging at times. Its how you respond to the challenges that will change over time as you learn to self-regulate the nervous system. This also means you are able to stay focused in the postures and move from a "feeling sensation" rather than what the posture should look like.


You gain the benefit of increased circulation and energy flow, which has a positive effect on how your nervous system self-regulates. People tend to experience a heightened state of awareness and calm as they allow the body to return to its optimal functioning.  If you are an athlete this practice will enhance your athletic ability. If you sit at a computer all day long, this practice will move your body out of the bad habits of sitting. This practice is appropriate for any level of ability. We recommended practicing 2-3 times/week.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


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