Personal Wellness


  • Body Wellness Sessions

  • Movement Classes

Body Wellness Sessions:

Release Tight Muscles with Acupressure and Relaxing acuRolling Techniques

Living in this techno age of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices has caused our bodies to adapt poor postures. Our muscles become over worked in some body parts and weak in others. These imbalances over time are very stressful for our bodies to maintain and we end up suffering from musculoskeletal issues such as chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms and feet.


Your session includes a personal assessment of where certain muscles are strong and others are weak followed by an activation of the weak muscles to support a more balanced musculoskeletal system. Then we relieve your tight stressed out muscles with heatable acuProducts and teach you your own personalized self-care routine.

Movement Classes:

Heatable acuProducts

Myofascial Release Classes

Don't wait to release your tight muscles.

Do it now...

They won't resolve on their own.

Join us in an exploration of the body's fascia system using the heatable acuball. Learn why your body experiences aches and pains in common areas of back, neck and shoulders due to your daily habits and how to release this tension once and for all. You will love the effect of heat on your muscles and experience results right away.

The Nia Technique

A Conscious Movement Practice

Dance - Martial Arts - Yoga 

Break out of the conventional fitness class and step into Nia, a fusion fitness experience that combines dance, martial arts and yoga all in one class.  You get a great workout and and feel energized.  Get fit & have fun!